BMW R1200S Special


  • Year 2007
  • 32.000 km
  • Switchable ABS, heated grips and anti-theft
  • Italian documents and license plate

The R1200S is the model most devoted to performance in the BMW boxer range with over 120 hp, Ohlins suspension, 180 or 190 rear sports tires, and excellent ride quality.

This special made by the fantastic guys from the Greaser Garage has nothing radical about the suspensions and the chassis, but it has changed, all that is above.

The line of the bike has been completely changed, from a street sports bike to a kind of super- enduro / motard.

The thing that certainly catches the eye is the angular and squared line throughout the body. Everything was built by hand starting from simple aluminum sheets. The tank in particular is a true masterpiece. A long process of folding, welding and sanding to achieve a perfect finish. The 3 colored stripes are painted in the narrowest part of the tank, so looking at the bike from the front it is impossible to see them, but you start to notice them as you go around the motorbike.

The rear is built around a completely redesigned tubular frame, keeping the bike short and sleek.

The saddle is specially made by hand, and under it there is a small storage compartment, useful as a document holder.

The oil cooler, originally mounted in the front part of the fairing, under the headlight, has been moved to the front of the engine, immediately behind the front wheel, and derived from the BMW K 1300.

The entire exhaust system - manifolds, silencer and outlet - weighs less than 4 kilos and is positioned largely below the gearbox: a "diet" of over 10 kilos compared to the original, and a great improvement in optics to move the center of gravity of the motorcycle downwards. Produced on specific request by Mass and is approved. A pair of water repellent racing spugan filters work in tune with the new exhaust.


01_BMW_R1220S_HeritageMotor (1).jpg02_BMW_R1220S_HeritageMotor (2).jpg03_BMW_R1220S_HeritageMotor (3).jpg04_BMW_R1220S_HeritageMotor (4).jpg05_BMW_R1220S_HeritageMotor (5).jpg06_BMW_R1220S_HeritageMotor (6).jpg07_BMW_R1220S_HeritageMotor (7).jpg08_BMW_R1220S_HeritageMotor (8).jpg09_BMW_R1220S_HeritageMotor (9).jpg10_BMW_R1220S_HeritageMotor (10).jpg11_BMW_R1220S_HeritageMotor (11).jpg12_BMW_R1220S_HeritageMotor (12).jpg13_BMW_R1220S_HeritageMotor (13).jpg14_BMW_R1220S_HeritageMotor (14).jpg15_BMW_R1220S_HeritageMotor (15).jpg16_BMW_R1220S_HeritageMotor (16).jpg17_BMW_R1220S_HeritageMotor (17).jpg18_BMW_R1220S_HeritageMotor (18).jpg19_BMW_R1220S_HeritageMotor (19).jpg20_BMW_R1220S_HeritageMotor (20).jpg

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