The CR&S DUU is a motorcycle produced by the Italian company CR&S starting from 2011, and the prototype was presented at EICMA 2009. CR&S (Café Racers & Superbikes) was an Italian company active until 2017 based in Milan, which built motorcycles in very small series, born from the passion of Roberto Crepaldi, who was a partner and founder with the famous Carlo Talamo of Numero Uno, company that made history in Italy and not only, for brands such as Harley Davidson and Triumph.

Our CR&S DUU "ND01" (year 2013 with about 3.000 km) is a masterpiece and one-of-a-kind motorcycle, the subject of a profound customization developed by the Given Motodesign studio of Donato Cannatello, who was originally the CR&S designer for the development of the DUU.

Given therefore tried to rebalance the style between the front and the back, compared to the original model. Shaping the DUU first on the computer with the CAD and then realizing the components with CNC machinery from parts of aluminum, plexiglass, ABS and other materials.

Some parts were instead made entirely by hand following the inspiration of the moment. For example, the rear light unit was designed from scratch, with a self-illuminating frieze that reproduces the Given logo.

Equipped with the X-Wedge engine of the American S&S increased in displacement compared to the original, therefore with a displacement of 2.200cc and about 120 HP, its architecture is reminiscent of Harley Davidson twins, but the design is completely modern, combined with a Bakergearbox with six speeds.

Motorcycle intended for those who appreciate the true Italian handcrafted product, and who love to own unique motorcycles, full of great charm and exclusivity.


01_CR&S_DUU_HeritageMotor (1).jpg02_CR&S_DUU_HeritageMotor (2).jpg03_CR&S_DUU_HeritageMotor (3).jpg04_CR&S_DUU_HeritageMotor (4).jpg05_CR&S_DUU_HeritageMotor (5).jpg06_CR&S_DUU_HeritageMotor (6).jpg07_CR&S_DUU_HeritageMotor (7).jpg08_CR&S_DUU_HeritageMotor (8).jpg09_CR&S_DUU_HeritageMotor (9).jpg10_CR&S_DUU_HeritageMotor (10).jpg11_CR&S_DUU_HeritageMotor (11).jpg12_CR&S_DUU_HeritageMotor (12).jpg13_CR&S_DUU_HeritageMotor (13).jpg14_CR&S_DUU_HeritageMotor (14).jpg15_CR&S_DUU_HeritageMotor (15).jpg16_CR&S_DUU_HeritageMotor (16).jpg17_CR&S_DUU_HeritageMotor (17).jpg18_CR&S_DUU_HeritageMotor (18).jpg19_CR&S_DUU_HeritageMotor (19).jpg20_CR&S_DUU_HeritageMotor (20).jpg21_CR&S_DUU_HeritageMotor (21).jpg22_CR&S_DUU_HeritageMotor (22).jpg23_CR&S_DUU_HeritageMotor (23).jpg24_CR&S_DUU_HeritageMotor (24).jpg25_CR&S_DUU_HeritageMotor (25).jpg26_CR&S_DUU_HeritageMotor (26).jpg27_CR&S_DUU_HeritageMotor (27).jpg28_CR&S_DUU_HeritageMotor (28).jpg

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