CIMATI KC colorazione Kawasaki


  • Cimatti KC, fully restored.
  • Coloring inspired by Kawasaki motocross models.
  • Children's motorbikes for use in private areas.
  • Not approved for road use.

Cimatti was founded in Bologna by the Olympic cyclist Marco Cimatti, who began producing bicycles in 1937. It was an Italian motorcycle manufacturer active from 1937 to 1984.
In the three-year period 1966-68 Cimatti won three Italian Regularity Championships in the 50cc class.


01_Cimatti_Kawasaki_HeritageMotor (1).jpg02_Cimatti_Kawasaki_HeritageMotor (2).jpg03_Cimatti_Kawasaki_HeritageMotor (3).jpg04_Cimatti_Kawasaki_HeritageMotor (4).jpg05_Cimatti_Kawasaki_HeritageMotor (5).jpg06_Cimatti_Kawasaki_HeritageMotor (6).jpg07_Cimatti_Kawasaki_HeritageMotor (7).jpg08_Cimatti_Kawasaki_HeritageMotor (8).jpg09_Cimatti_Kawasaki_HeritageMotor (9).jpg

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