Harley Davidson BAGGER


The bike was born on a 2017 HD Road Glide, purchased specifically to transform it into a big Bagger, with the desire to have a much larger front wheel than the original, and a more slender and captivating line. To make this desire a reality, the guys from Greaser Garage - www.greasergarage.it - thought about creating a motorcycle that is not only beautiful but also regularly approved for road use.

The front end has been modified through an MC Baggers kit, which allows you to increase the steering angle to adopt the new large 26-inch Performance Machine wheel. Footpegs, fork covers and grips are made by Arlen Ness, while the exhaust system with the beautiful tailpipe is from the American Freedom Performance Exhaust.

The idea for the bodywork was to create a more fluid whole, to be more aesthetically pleasing than the original version, despite being a larger bike overall.

The bags are longer and create a continuous line together with the elongated rear fender.

The tail lights and indicators are integrated into the body so as not to interrupt the overall development.

New tank covers have been made to give continuity to the design of the rear.

The painting perfectly enhances the new volumes and expresses the elegance of this bike. The mix of white, metallic dark blue and dark gray relates perfectly to all the chrome parts including the pair of grilles that have been added to the side of the two large headlights.

The new bags were equipped with speakers produced by the american JL Audio, components originally intended for boats, so this choice guarantees functionality and perfect acoustics in all weather conditions. In addition to the rear speakers there are two Harley 300 watt amps each, and super boom front speakers.

The saddle has been specially designed and handcrafted, sporting a beautiful diamond pattern that adds extra style to the bike.

The bike is equipped with a central stand, sissy bar and original Harley luggage rack.

The view from the riding position is amazing, the new Roland Sands handlebar is taller and narrower than the original. Among the controls on the handlebar, you can find the adjustment of the height from the ground, because the Ohlins rear shock absorbers are equipped with an Air Ride Legend kit, which can raise or lower the rear by about five centimeters when the bike is stationary or in gear.

If you are looking for a Bagger that knows how to give you great emotions, and that during its use knows how to capture people's attention, this is the right bike!


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