BUELL XB12SS – Steel Race


The owner of this bike, a true Buell enthusiast, wanted his XB12 to become a real special, inspired by old racing bikes but that could count on high-level modern mechanics and performance. To achieve this goal, he turned to the guys from the Greaser Garage (https://www.greasergarage.it/steel-race/) who completely stripped and redesigned the bike.

The occasion of the official presentation took place during the Sanremo Bike Show 2016, where even the great world champion Loris Capirossi expressed his appreciation, having himself photographed together with this Buell. And there are numerous newspapers and websites that have dedicated space to this splendid motorcycle:








The livery is a mix of polished aluminum and matte black, with some tasty touches of shiny red. It is inspired by the F1 car that the Haas team lined up as it entered the 2016 world championship.

The front has been completely replaced with elements from the Kawasaki ZX10R. The old double headlight structure has given way to a hand-built aluminum dome, which incorporates a single round LED headlight.

The billet aluminum footrests are connected to the frame by means of other aluminum elements, specifically designed and built from solid.

The rear features a completely new set-up, with a steel tube frame covered by a brown leather saddle, built entirely by hand. A small rounded plastic cover can transform the single-seater motorcycle into a two-seater. Under the new frame, the new oil vapor recovery tank is visible.

The original swingarm has been completely polished and modified, by welding new adjustable plates, to allow the use of a chain transmission to replace the original belt transmission, for a more sporty use.

Not only the fairing but all the body panels have been redesigned, including the airbox cover (with increased air intake), and the side air intakes for cooling the rear cylinder. A new steel exhaust system gives the Buell a deeper, nastier roar. The collectors have been covered with anti-heat tape to emphasize the racing character and to improve performance.

The rear is a little higher than the original, thanks to a custom-built shock absorber produced by Gubellini (a well-known Italian company also involved in the world championship), fully adjustable to switch from longer trips to fun on the track.

The wheels represent a true work of art: they come from Alpina and were originally created for the Ducati Monster, but thanks to a fine adaptation work they are now able to adapt to Buell sizes. The Tommaselli handlebar houses high-level controls produced by Domini and Accossato. Everything is designed to give the bike a more responsive and sincere behavior.

A real special motorbike, unique in the world!


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