• Eligible Mille Miglia.
  • ASI approved.
  • Year building 1952.
  • He traveled 52.000 km
  • Restored about ten years ago.
  • Very elegant car in excellent condition and original in all its components.
  • Perfectly working.
  • Book door opening without central pillar, for easy access to the passenger compartment.
  • External color Blue.
  • Internal color Gray with Blue threads.
  • The fabric interiors are like new, and the door panels protected by transparent film so as not to be damaged.
  • Chassis n° * 250-20685 *.
  • Engine type 100 B.
  • Displacement 902 cc.
  • Power 30 HP
  • Five-speed manual transmission plus reverse.
  • Weight 800 Kg.
  • Italian license plate of the time.
  • Italian documents.

Lancia, the Italian brand of the most elegant cars, produced the Ardea from 1939 to 1959 in about 32.000 units. Car model that took part in great races such as Mille Miglia, Targa Florio, Stella Alpina, Coppa delle Dolomiti, etc.

Our Ardea is a fourth series, produced from November 1949 to the end of 1952 in about 12,000 units, with chassis number *12.031 to *23.730.

The latest version of the Ardea has some important modifications concerning the engine, in which there is an increase in power thanks to the new aluminum head, bronze valve seats and new carburetor. New bumpers with the application of a rubber protection, and some improvements to the interior.

Production of the Ardea ceased at the end of 1952 (the Ardea van will survive a few more months), to make way for the Lancia Appia, which will be presented at the Turin Motor Show in April 1953.


01_LanciaArdea_HeritageMotor (1).jpg02_LanciaArdea_HeritageMotor (2).jpg03_LanciaArdea_HeritageMotor (3).jpg04_LanciaArdea_HeritageMotor (4).jpg05_LanciaArdea_HeritageMotor (5).jpg06_LanciaArdea_HeritageMotor (6).jpg07_LanciaArdea_HeritageMotor (7).jpg08_LanciaArdea_HeritageMotor (8).jpg09_LanciaArdea_HeritageMotor (9).jpg10_LanciaArdea_HeritageMotor (10).jpg11_LanciaArdea_HeritageMotor (11).jpg12_LanciaArdea_HeritageMotor (12).jpg13_LanciaArdea_HeritageMotor (13).jpg14_LanciaArdea_HeritageMotor (14).jpg15_LanciaArdea_HeritageMotor (15).jpg16_LanciaArdea_HeritageMotor (16).jpg17_LanciaArdea_HeritageMotor (17).jpg18_LanciaArdea_HeritageMotor (18).jpg19_LanciaArdea_HeritageMotor (19).jpg20_LanciaArdea_HeritageMotor (20).jpg21_LanciaArdea_HeritageMotor (21).jpg

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