Citreon ID-19 B


  • January 1967
  • LHD
  • Full restored a few years ago
  • Asi Gold plate
  • Chassis  n° 3725778
  • Engine n° DV*0326014855
  • Displacement 1985 cc
  • Power 61 Kw
  • Weight 1750 Kg
  • Four-speed manual transmission plus reverse
  • Six seats approved
  • Black bodywork
  • Beautiful interior in two-tone Red and White velvet
  • Car with Italian number plate and documents
  • Revision deadline June 2021
  • First registration in France

The Citroën ID produced from 1957 to 1975 in about 850.000 units, was the economic version of the Citroën DS designed by the Italian Flaminio Bertoni, who also designed the famous Traction Avant and the 2CV. The ID compared to the DS had some small aesthetic differences and somedetails of the cockpit, and in the mechanics the differences were initially in the engine of displacement and lower power. The DV engine, which also equips our ID, was 1985 cm³ of displacement, and was proposed only in the ID 19 produced from September 1966 to September 1968. Among the characteristics of this engine were the compression ratio equal to 8:1, the maximum power of 84 HP at 5250 rpm and the maximum torque of 144 Nm at 3000 rpm.



01HeritageMotor_CitroenDS_ID19 (1).jpg02HeritageMotor_CitroenDS_ID19 (2).jpg03HeritageMotor_CitroenDS_ID19 (3).jpg04HeritageMotor_CitroenDS_ID19 (4).jpg05HeritageMotor_CitroenDS_ID19 (5).jpg06HeritageMotor_CitroenDS_ID19 (6).jpg07HeritageMotor_CitroenDS_ID19 (7).jpg08HeritageMotor_CitroenDS_ID19 (8).jpg09HeritageMotor_CitroenDS_ID19 (9).jpg10HeritageMotor_CitroenDS_ID19 (10).jpg11HeritageMotor_CitroenDS_ID19 (11).jpg12HeritageMotor_CitroenDS_ID19 (12).jpg13HeritageMotor_CitroenDS_ID19 (13).jpg14HeritageMotor_CitroenDS_ID19 (14).jpg15HeritageMotor_CitroenDS_ID19 (15).jpg16HeritageMotor_CitroenDS_ID19 (16).jpg17HeritageMotor_CitroenDS_ID19 (17).jpg18HeritageMotor_CitroenDS_ID19 (18).jpg19HeritageMotor_CitroenDS_ID19 (19)_.jpg20HeritageMotor_CitroenDS_ID19 (20).jpg

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