• Blue color
  • In excellent storage conditions
  • Width 101 cm
  • Height 72 cm
  • Supplied it would have 24 tools (7 tools are missing)
  • Are present:
    •  Tool for joints
    •  Differential bearing introducer
    •  Extractor and introducer of crankshaft and balancing shaft gears
    •  Pin extractor and inserter
    •  Headboard support
    •  Support fixing gearbox to the bench
    •  Gearbox bearings introducer
    •  Balancing shaft gear introducer
    •  Various introducer for oil seals, engine, differential, valve guides, etc.
    •  Clutch disc centering device
    •  Balancing shaft bushings extractor and introducer


Given the dimensions and weight (the tools alone weight about 16Kg), I would prefer hand delivery here in Genoa (Northern Italy).


Innocenti_Pannello_Attrezzi_Officina (1).jpgInnocenti_Pannello_Attrezzi_Officina (2).jpgInnocenti_Pannello_Attrezzi_Officina (3).jpgInnocenti_Pannello_Attrezzi_Officina (4).jpgInnocenti_Pannello_Attrezzi_Officina (5).jpg

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